Cranberry Ginger Cordial


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Cranberry Ginger Cordial
Cranberry Ginger Cordial

A robust aromatic adventure

Tart cranberry with a little bit of spicy ginger combine in this deliciously warm and festive blend. Using only whole cranberries, fresh ginger, real cranberry juice, and a hint of sweetness, this is the mix your mouth has been waiting for. Our Cranberry Ginger Cordial brings out the best flavours of vodka, gin, rum and even whiskey to make for a unique, complex cocktail.

Ingredients: cranberry juice, water. whole white ginger, whole cranberries, sugar, lime oil.

Tip! Mix our  Cranberry Ginger Cordial with soda water to make a soothing ginger ale, or add gin or vodka and a Crantini!

  • All mixes are sold in 8oz. (250ml) bottles
  • A typical drink will use between ½ oz and 1 oz of our mixes
  • Each bottle will make 8-16 drinks
  • Only 5g of sugar per serving


Cranberry Ginger Cordial
Cranberry Ginger Cordial

Ginger Vanilla Cordial—The Experience

There’s nothing more overwhelming than not knowing what path to take. It’s in moments like these that a balanced drink with flavours that seem strange but complement each other can lend a hand in discovering the unknown. Whether you go left or right, the path will be strange and beautiful, but that’s all part of the harmonious journey.

Best of Class 2019 SIP Awards

Our Ginger Vanilla Cordial won the most exclusive award at the 2019 internationally recognized SIP Awards. The Best of Class cordial won an award reserved for premium mix receiving scores in the pinnacle of their respective categories. The Best of Class medal expresses the highest acclaim from consumer judges.

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